Mediation / ADR Services

Mediation Services

As an Attorney/Referee at the Washtenaw County Friend of the Court for fourteen years, Stefanie Meisel gained extensive experience identifying issues and encouraging parties to work together to resolve these issues. In her work as an Attorney/Referee, Stefanie heard (and settled) cases including complex custody/parenting time disputes, high-asset property division, issues unique to non-traditional families, medical treatment disputes, change of domicile disputes, and countless other complex issues that many family law attorneys may never encounter.

First trained as a mediator in 2005, Stefanie continues to receive advanced training in Mediation / ADR in other areas in order to provide comprehensive Mediation / ADR services to the community.

The Mediation / ADR Services offered by Baker & Meisel, LLP include, but are not limited to:

  • Family Law Issues
  • Elder Law Issues
  • General Civil Issues

Additional Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

In addition to the Mediation Services offered above, Baker & Meisel, LLP offers Arbitration, Conciliation, and other alternatives to litigation.

Whether you have been ordered to Mediation/Arbitration, or whether you have voluntarily decided to resolve your issues without litigation, our office can provide assistance.