Family Law

Experienced Representation

Baker & Meisel, LLP has extensive experience in all aspects of Family Law. Whether you have just decided to separate or whether you are in need of post-Judgment representation, you will work directly with a Partner of the firm to ensure that you receive thorough representation tailored to the needs of your family. We provide comprehensive Family Law services, including high-asset divorces and complex custody/parenting time litigation.

Unique Insight

As a Referee at the Washtenaw County Friend of the Court from 2002-2016, Stefanie Meisel heard (and settled) numerous Family Law cases, including complex custody/parenting time disputes, high-asset property division, family issues unique to non-traditional families, medical treatment disputes, change of domicile disputes, and countless other complex issues that many family law attorneys may never encounter. As a former FOC Referee, Stefanie has unique insight regarding case preparation and court processes, which enables her to provide cost-effective and efficient representation.


Basil Baker has practiced family law for many years. In addition to extensive experience in Family Law, Basil is known for civility in the practice of law, which results in efficient settlement of disputes and avoidance of costly litigation when possible.


The combination of many years of courtroom experience, civility in practice, and unique insight into family court processes allows us to provide exceptional service to clients who hire Baker & Meisel, LLP.

Family Law Expertise

Our expertise in Family Law includes, but is not limited to:

  • Divorce Representation (All Issues)
  • Child Custody / Parenting Time
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support
  • Property Division
  • Change of Domicile
  • Interstate Issues (Child Support, Custody/Parenting Time, etc.)
  • Same-Sex & Non-traditional Family Issues
  • Pre- and Post- Nuptial Agreements
  • Child Support Enforcement Issues
  • Parenting Time Coordination/Facilitation

Although Baker & Meisel, LLP provides litigation services in all aspects of Family Law, we believe that Mediation/ADR services (when appropriate) may lower your ultimate costs and reduce the stress on your family.

Our focus on creative solutions to complex problems streamlines the dispute resolution process, which, in turn, may reduce your out-of-pocket costs.